Website and Email Hosting

Website HostingUK Based Servers - Internet and Email

Topline operate multiple UK based servers located in leading data centres.

This infrastructure enables us to offer reliable, secure hosting and to implement bespoke technologies for your website and other internet-based services.

Topline can also offer full failover redundancy for your website. Using our automated systems and geographically dispersed servers, if your website goes down, we can automatically bring it up in a different hosting environment.

Email Hosting

Topline offer email hosting to support all sizes of organisation.

Our email servers are hosted on our own UK based hosting platform so if you have an unusual requirement we can build a solution specifically for you. Whether you are using your own in-house email server or simple email delivery to your mobile devices, we can provide you with a reliable, flexible and secure service.

We offer specialist email services such as failover delivery so if your own email server fails, our server will receive your email and later redeliver it to your server when it is available.